Vidalia Onion Restrictions Have Libertarians In Tears

Threatening farmers with fines and punishment for shipping their crops a few days early is just another example of how Georgia’s nanny state government harms businesses says Doug Craig chairman of the Libertarian Party of Georgia. LP Georgia is responding to recent news of one farmer who determine when to ship his crop of Vidalia […]

Incentives and Taxes

This was originally published at Porcupine Musings. Bill O’Reilly is disingenuous when he says high taxes might compel him to quit his lucrative job. Although there is a level where taxes can have that effect (why engage in challenging work if taxes limit your income to that of someone flipping burgers), we are nowhere near it. However, […]

Supreme Court Rebukes EPA In Landmark Property Rights Case

Property rights in America are sinking to the bottom of a regulatory swamp. The biggest threat to property rights is unchallenged bureaucratic decisions that command property owners to do the bidding of the EPA while not allowing those citizens the opportunity to be heard. One couple caught in this legal quagmire is Mike and Chantell […]