Athens LP Rocks AthFest 2011

Another AthFest is in the history books, and what a festival it was!

The Athens Area Libertarian Party manned an Operation Politically Homeless booth for most of the hot, humid day, starting at 10 AM, lasting until dark.

"World's Smallest Political Quiz" at AthFest

"World's Smallest Political Quiz" at AthFest

About 300 people throughout the day interacted with the volunteers in the outreach booth. More people had questions about the Libertarian Party and showed interest in real Liberty than Chairman Doug Harman can remember at any event that we have worked in the last few years.

Just over 100 people participated in “The World’s Smallest Political Quiz”, posting their results on the Nolan Chart, shown at the top of this article. Two of the participants were local Athens political hopefuls, Charlie Maddox, former candidate for Mayor of Athens (scored 80/80, dead center Libertarian quadrant), and current candidate for the open House 113 seat, runoff election, Dan Mathews (100/60, Libertarian, leaning more towards social liberty than fiscal)

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