Locals Go To Libertarian National Convention In Las Vegas

One of our delegates to the Libertarian National Convention in Las Vegas last week, and a volunteer for the Jonathan Smith for State House 154 race, Jessica Polk, provided this recap of the Presidential nominating convention to us, as well as the local media in Southwest Georgia.

Jonathan Smith, native of Donalsonville, who is running for State Representative for District 154, attended the Libertarian National Convention this past weekend where Gary Johnson
was nominated for the 2012 Libertarian Presidential Candidate. Accompanying Smith to the convention was 2010 Georgia gubernatorial candidate John Monds, a Cairo resident. Monds is best-known for holding the record for most votes by any Libertarian in any election in his 2008 race for Public Service Commission. Both Smith and Monds are active in the Libertarian Party of Georgia, as well as avid advocates for civil liberties, smaller government and strict fiscal responsibility that make up the Libertarian platform. Monds committed to assist with Smith’s campaign for State Representative. He also works at the state and local levels to develop Libertarian leadership. [Read more…]

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Libertarian National Convention Chooses Presidential Debaters

LAS VEGAS – Delegates of the National Libertarian Convention here Friday chose two participants of a presidential debate that will precede elections of the Libertarian Party’s Presidential and Vice Presidential nominees.

The debate, a key event in the nominating process, will begin at 6:00 P.M. Friday, May 4th at the Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas, Nev. and will broadcast live on C-Span It will be moderated by David Bergland, a former party National Chair and the 1984 presidential nominee.

According to the results of a secret vote, taking part in tonight’s debate will be:

Gary Johnson, a former two-term governor for New Mexico, whose frequent use of the veto pen has earned him the nickname of “Governor Veto.” He cut taxes 14 times while never raising them. See also

R. Lee Wrights, a long-time Libertarian Party activist, writer and publisher. Mr. Wrights has dedicated his life and career to promoting the ideas of small government and individual freedom. [Read more…]

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John Hospers, 1st Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate, Passes Away

Early on the morning of June 12, our friend, and the friend of individual liberty and freedom, the first Libertarian Presidential candidate in 1972, passed quietly away in his sleep without pain and suffering, of natural causes.

John Hospers was born and raised in Pella, a town near the Iowa state capital, Des Moines, inhabited chiefly by descendants of émigrés from Holland in the early nineteenth century. John’s great-grandfather, also John Hospers, was one of the founders of Pella in l847 and l849, whose brother, Henry Hospers, became part of the “second emigration” from Holland a few years later and settled in Sioux County in northwest Iowa, founding Orange City, where some of the Hospers clan still live. The greeting “Oranje boven” (long live the House of Orange) is still familiar there, through the Dutch language, which was current in both Pella and Orange City in the early years, and was still the language of daily conversation there when John Jr. was growing up speaking Dutch in the 1920s. His ‘first language’ has become almost unknown to the generation that is now in its 30s.

[Read more…]

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