Vidalia Onion Restrictions Have Libertarians In Tears

Threatening farmers with fines and punishment for shipping their crops a few days early is just another example of how Georgia’s nanny state government harms businesses says Doug Craig chairman of the Libertarian Party of Georgia.

LP Georgia is responding to recent news of one farmer who determine when to ship his crop of Vidalia onions in violation of state rules while government agents watched. The state of Georgia is appealing a court ruling from last month that struck down the state’s rule that mandated when the onion crop could be shipped.

“Farmers should be allowed to harvest and ship their crops when farmers believe it’s the best time to do so,” said Doug Craig. “We stand with the farmer on this issue. We believe farmers have the expertise to determine what is best for their business and industry.”

Libertarians question why so called “conservatives” who claim to support less government are so supportive of regulations that dictate how business owners run their businesses and question why they support rules that threaten to destroy their investments.

A better solution, according to Mr. Craig would be to allow farmers to form associations that approve and certify the quality of the produce being offered on the market.

Mr. Craig points out that while the state agencies are monitoring onion growers, people have died from poisoned peanut butter from Georgia factories because the state claims they do not have enough staff to inspect processing facilities.

“Georgia should use its resources to protect the public from tainted foods not harassing farmers who are producing quality crops”, said Mr. Craig.

The Libertarian Party of Georgia was formed in 1972 and a state affiliate of the National Libertarian Party formed in 1971. The Libertarian Party is committed to America’s heritage of freedom: individual liberty, personal responsibility, and community.

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Our Newest LP101 In North Fulton

“Are libertarians just librarians that take liberties? Why is a Libertarian Party even necessary? Aren’t you guys just Republicans?”

On May 12th, we hosted our first LP101 seminar to a packed room, even after moving to a larger space.  The success cost several potential attendees to miss out on the hour-long seminar designed to introduce the beliefs and ideals of the Libertarian Party, as well as to discuss how we stand apart from the old, tired other parties to new, prospective, and even longtime members to the Libertarian Party of Georgia.  We worked to schedule another one as close as possible, both geographically and on the calendar.

If you haven’t seen it yet, this part of our website is a portal to information about our principles, stances on issues, links to Libertarian sites, how to get involved, and information on our one hour seminar, LP 101! [Read more…]

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Romney Proves He is Incompetent at Foreign Policy Too

This was originally posted at 2010 U.S. Senate candidate Chuck Donovan’s blog,  Re-published here with his permission.

The following headline today shows again the Mitt Romney has no new ideas and embraces the same old bad ideas.

Romney flexes foreign policy stance, calls again for ‘crippling sanctions’ on Iran

Imagine someone who thinks “bad” children need to be spanked and punished even worse.  Romney thinks that leadership means we just have to punish “bad” people even worse.  The Iranians refuse to do what we want?  Just threaten and spank them even more.  They still won’t do what we want?  Lets be mass murderers again and bomb them.  See, we solved the whole thing.

Here is a better idea.  ””Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations-entangling alliances with none.”(1)  It isn’t a new idea, just an old one that has yet to be tried, and yet to be offered by the current crop of so-called “leaders”.  Only two candidates have offered this idea in 2012.  One of them is out of the race.  The other is Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson. [Read more…]

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Butler on Business – August 30, 2012

Each Tuesday and Thursday at 11:30 AM, our Executive Director Brett Bittner contributes to a segment of “Butler on Business,” a metro Atlanta talk radio show airing daily from 10 AM-12 noon Monday through Friday on AM 1190, the Wall Street Business Network.

We plan to post these segments on the website like this.  If you can, try to catch the show as it airs by tuning your radio to 1190 on the AM dial or stream the show live on your computer here.  If you miss an episode, you can stream or download a commercial-less podcast from the Butler on Business website.

You can stream (left-click) or download (right click, save as…) Thursday’s segment here.

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