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Amanda Swafford – Georgia libertarian senate candidate brings issues to the table.

Georgia Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Amanda Swafford will be on the Georgia general election ballot on Nov. 4th. Swafford knows she cannot compete with multimillion dollar campaigns but hopes her campaign will bring the libertarian ideas to the forefront. “We can compete in the market place of ideas”, said Swafford.


Amanda Swafford – Libertarian Candidate

Amanda is a 1994 college preparatory graduate of Lakeview Academy in Gainesville, Georgia and in 1998, received her Bachelor of Arts degree just outside of Atlanta at Agnes Scott College, one of the country’s top women’s colleges. In 2007, Amanda obtained her paralegal certificate at the University of North Georgia, one of only a few schools in Georgia to be approved by the American Bar Association. A lifelong learner, Amanda is currently focusing on educational efforts in the emerging field of electronic discovery.
Shortly after college, Amanda moved to Sacramento, California and not only won her first election to county wide office in 2000 while attending law school but also became active in her new community by helping to develop critical Land Use sections of the Arden-Arcade Community Action Plan which the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors later adopted in June 2006.
After returning home to Georgia, she continued investing in her career and adding value to her community by helping to open the first H&R Block office in her hometown of Flowery Branch.

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Libertarians Oppose Welfare Drug Testing

Try not to spill, please.

Fill ‘er up!

 After waiting until the final day, Governor Nathan Deal signed HB 772 into law today, a bill which allows for the drug testing of recipients of Food Stamp benefits. The Libertarian Party of Georgia stands with the American Civil Liberties Union in firmly and wholly denouncing this legislation as unconstitutional. Beyond that, the basis of the law is steeped in racism and in the nonexistent stereotype of the “welfare queen” using drugs all day and trading food stamps for money.

The Libertarian Party of Georgia will not stand idly by as unconstitutional and racist legislation passes through the General Assembly and is then signed into law by the Governor. As Libertarians, we support the premise of private charity and reject the notion of public welfare in nearly all circumstances. Our stand against this legislation is not a stand in support of the Food Stamp program, it is a firm rejection of the further erosion of 4th Amendment rights, a rejection of the very premise that because an individual is receiving public assistance that it is acceptable to expose them to humiliating searches without probable cause, based upon the suspicions of someone who is not trained to correctly assess whether an individual is using drugs.

While the concern is mostly one of civil liberty and government overreach, it is also noteworthy that Florida utilized a very similar law, which found only 2.6% of tested individuals on public assistance were using illegal substances. It is also noteworthy that Florida’s welfare drug testing law has been struck down in Federal Court.

Doug Craig, Chairman of the Board of Libertarian Party of Georgia, had this to say about Governor Deal’s signage of HB 772: “We vehemently oppose drug testing welfare recipients. Libertarians generally are against welfare… However, if we are going to start drug testing welfare recipients, let’s start with the Board of Directors at General Motors.”

The Official Position of the Libertarian Party: “Libertarians support the rights recognized by the Fourth Amendment to be secure in our persons, homes, and property. Protection from unreasonable search and seizure should include records held by third parties, such as email, medical, and library records.”


Don’t Count Out Hunt

Atlanta, GA: Data from a recent poll was released Monday regarding multiple upcoming races, including the race for Governor of Georgia. In a three way race between incumbent Nathan Deal, Democrat Jason Carter, and Libertarian Andrew Hunt, Hunt is currently polling at a surprisingly high 9%.

Perhaps what’s more telling, Hunt is currently garnering a whopping 29% of the Hispanic vote, demolishing Carter’s measly 7% but trailing Deal’s surprising 38% among the same demographic.

Obviously, the Libertarian message of sound economics and personal liberty is resonating with a lot of Georgia voters, particularly those who are usually overlooked or even overtly scorned by the political establishment. It’s still a long road to November, and with 13% of voters currently undecided, Hunt is poised to make a profound impact on the race for Governor.



For inquiries, please contact Doug Craig, Chairman: 770-861-5855

To contact the Andrew Hunt campaign, please email:

Georgia Libertarians Support 9-1-1 Medical Amnesty Law

As Governor Deal signed into law the 9-1-1 Medical Amnesty Law on Thursday, a step forward was taken in assuring those in critical need of medical care can receive the help they require from responding public safety personnel, without fear of arrest. The 9-1-1 Medical Amnesty Law allows potentially overdosed persons, or those who may be around them at the time of overdose, to notify 9-1-1 of a medical emergency due to possible overdose without fear of prosecution if drugs or drug related objects are found on scene.

The Libertarian Party of Georgia stands opposed to the war on drugs in its entirety. While this law is no huge victory in the fight to end the war on drugs, it does put in place a common sense exemption which LP Georgia supports. Doug Craig, chairman of LP Georgia, states, “While our desire is to ensure that no one is arrested for actions which place no one but the individual in question in jeopardy, this legislation allows for those in fear for their lives or the lives of others to be able to contact public safety personnel without fear of arrest, thereby saving lives.” LP Georgia stands with Governor Nathan Deal and the Georgia General Assembly in support of this much-needed action to allow those in need to feel safe contacting emergency services without fear of arrest for drug related crimes.

The official position of the Libertarian Party: “Government exists to protect the rights of every individual including life, liberty and property. Criminal laws should be limited to violation of the rights of others through force or fraud, or deliberate actions that place others involuntarily at significant risk of harm. Individuals retain the right to voluntarily assume risk of harm to themselves.”