Is Selfishness A Libertarian Virtue?


It probably won’t shock you to hear that the majority of friends I made while working on undergraduate and graduate work in philosophy are liberals or socialists. However, libertarians might be shocked to know just how the outside world sees us. While I can’t make absolute claims about everyone’s perspective, I can point to a specific trend my friends have every time we go grab drinks. At least once per outing, someone will undoubtedly say something like this: “I’d love to buy you a drink, but I’m going to be a libertarian tonight and not do anything for anyone except myself!”

Then they laugh.  I attempt to correct their misunderstanding with a one-sentence response while knowing that saying anything more will take the conversation into a dull and irritating direction. Then we go about our night.

So why is it that libertarians are thought of as selfish, callous, and greedy? Well, I certainly can’t account for every reason, but I can say that a good place to start the search for a reason is to look at Ayn Rand and her political philosophy. When a prominent figurehead of the libertarian movement authors a book titled The Virtue of Selfishness, it’s not hard to understand why those outside of the libertarian camp think that the only things libertarians are concerned with are themselves and their money. So, the question must be asked: “Is this admittedly widespread view accurate?”

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“It Is Impossible to Argue Against Libertarianism Without Contradiction”

We thought that we would point you towards some Libertarian dialogue and debate for your consideration. Tom Woods tackles this topic in his podcast linked below.

After you have listened let us know what you thought of the arguments presented.

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Nathan Deal’s GOP Rival Backs Libertarian Hunt for Governor

pennington-ajcAJC is reporting Libertarian Andrew Hunt’s campaign for governor is set to receive the endorsement of former Dalton Mayor David Pennington, who tried to rally tea party supporters to his side in a failed GOP primary challenge against Gov. Nathan Deal in May. Read more here>>>

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Libertarians in Columbus Georgia Monday 8/11


chatt valleyLibertarian candidate and activists networking in Columbus, Georgia

Monday, August 11th, 2014 – 6:00 PM- 7:00 PM
NAACP presents Moral Monday Georgia in Columbus, GA
3111 Citizens Way Columbus, GA 31906
Dr. Andrew Hunt will first be on The Ranger Joe’s God & Country talk show from 5:00-6:00 PM with Lakesha Stringer & Nate Sanderson.  The station is WRCG am1420.
The Libertarian Party of the Chattahoochee Valley will be present to speak on the need for decriminalizing marijuana in Georgia and the disparities in race dealing with the arrests for this victimless ‘crime’. Chairman Daniel Thomas will address the crowd.  Andrew Hunt will be present and walking through the crowd to talk directly to individuals.
The Libertarian Party of the Chattahoochee Valley will then be moving along with Andrew to Country’s Barbecue at Main Street.  We hope for many to gather there with us to discover Dr. Andrew Hunt and his stance on issues.  Feel free to have a meal, beer, or other refreshment from the always delicious Country’s BBQ.
Tuesday, August 12, 20014 -Monthly Meeting on Liberty for All Featuring
James Bell Director of Georgia C.A.R.E. (Campaign For Access Reform & Education) will speak on the efforts to reform Georgia’s marijuana laws.

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TED METZ, A Brief History of Healthcare

Georgia Libertarian candidate for Insurance Commissioner Ted Metz gives a brief history of healthcare in America.

View it here >>>


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