Capitalism vs. Corporatism (or, “Why Your Government Prefers You Smoke Carpet Glue”)

Executive Director of LP Georgia, Brett Bittner, pointed me to an article regarding  language buried within a transportation bill signed into law by the President that forced “roll your own cigarette” facilities to begin shutting down at midnight Friday. The majority of the measures that have been laid out by various media outlets are surface-positive, and very […]

Three Questions About The Transportation Investment Act With The Civic League Of Regional Atlanta

After serving on the Steering Committee for last summer’s “Get A Move On” Townhall, I was asked by the Civic League of Regional Atlanta to respond to three questions regarding the upcoming voter referendum on the Transportation Investment Act of 2010. Originally, my responses appeared on their blog and in an e-mail newsletter.  I’ve included […]

Should Taxpayers Fund a New Stadium For The Falcons?

Corporate welfare is a problem in politics, as we’ve seen time and time again. Governments at all levels subsidize any company or industry they deem important to the economy, often using popular phrases like “economic development” or “job creation” to gain favor with the public, leaving taxpayers stuck with the bill. The most egregious examples […]

How Should Libertarians Handle The Drug Question?

Yesterday, United Liberty published a post by Columbus Libertarian, Nick Nottleman, about one of the most difficult freedom issues we, as Libertarians, encounter. This question not only catches your everyday member and “small L” libertarians on their heels, but it has also frozen prominent national candidates “in the headlights.” Below is an excerpt of what Nick wrote, […]