Supreme Court Rebukes EPA In Landmark Property Rights Case

Property rights in America are sinking to the bottom of a regulatory swamp. The biggest threat to property rights is unchallenged bureaucratic decisions that command property owners to do the bidding of the EPA while not allowing those citizens the opportunity to be heard.

One couple caught in this legal quagmire is Mike and Chantell Sackett, of Priest Lake, Idaho, where they bought property in 2008 to build the home of their dreams. They secured all of the necessary permits and began work to fill the land and to prepare the site for the construction of their lake home. But three days after they began work a group of EPA wetland cops made a visit and in no uncertain terms ordered the Sacketts to cease and desist their activities.

Obviously, the Sacketts were taken aback by the EPA command. To complicate matters EPA’s own National Wetlands Inventory did not include the Sackett property as a wetland. To that, the EPA officials only shrugged and said that makes no difference: your property is still a wetland.

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Concealed Carry on Campus?

Colorado’s highest court has ruled that licensed students may legally carry firearms on a college campus. I say, what is good enough for Coloradans is good enough for Georgians.

It appears, Atlanta lawmakers have a similar idea in mind, but SB 102 doesn’t go far enough. Where Colorado provides legal carry on campus, SB 102 only allows a teacher or a student to have a firearm in the car as long as its locked away. Lawmakers in Georgia need to understand my life is just as important to me on campus as it is off campus and equally important to that of someone living in Colorado.

Indeed, a concealed carry permit holder can legally carry into stores, and anywhere else provided by law. A permit holder can protect themselves and their family inside and outside of the home. A permit holder can stand their ground when someone is trying to kill them or someone else.

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