Needs & Wants – Why You Should Vote NO on Tuesday

This piece was written by one of our members, Greg Morin, originally published on his blog, Porcupine Musings. Many thanks to Greg for his efforts, and I’d like to point out that I couldn’t have said it better myself about this part of the argument against the upcoming T-SPLOST vote on Tuesday. The TSPLOST frenzy […]

Better Regulation Through Competition

This piece was originally posted by LP Georgia member Greg Morin at his blog, Porcupine Musings. Monopolies are bad. The supposed truth of that axiom is nearly universally accepted. Government demonstrates its adherence to this precept through such devices as anti-trust legislation. Curiously though, government itself is the biggest monopolist like entity. I say “monopolist […]

Without Taxes, There Would Be No Roads, Right?

This guest post by member Greg Morin was originally published in the Morgan County Citizen on Friday, March 23rd. Tax discussions invariably devolve to a point where one side finds it necessary to resort to the “roads card.” The assumption with this rejoinder is that roads are a major and necessary function of government. Setting […]

Immigrants Fill An Economic Niche And Help Economy

This was originally published on October 13, 2011 in the Morgan County Citizen. By: Greg Morin The idea of “illegal” immigration is a silly notion. It’s akin to an “illegal” vacation. Immigration is simply the act of moving from Location A to Location B. Why should permission be required to exercise this right? Up until 1882 […]