It’s NOT About the Money-Candidate Chris Coughlin Redefines How to Campaign in Johns Creek Council Race

Getting elected to any position is not an easy task.  It’s even harder in Georgia for someone to get elected due to ballot restrictions.  That makes open races more inviting for Libertarian candidates. Getting your message out can also be a major challenge.  Raising enough money to send out mailers, post signs around town, and buying advertising […]

Every Vote Counts*

How often have you heard this statement? *Every vote Counts(if you are willing to cast your vote for a democrat or a republican). That’s just a bit closer to the truth.  Why?  Because the state of Georgia’s restrictive ballot access laws prohibit(as in stop) Libertarian Candidates from getting their name on the ballot. You cannot […]

Georgia Libertarian Candidates to Qualify for November General Election

Atlanta GA: On Tuesday – June 24, 2014 – 9:00am Libertarian Party of Georgia Candidates will officially qualify to be placed on the November General Election ballots. The event will take place at Georgia Secretary of State’s office, Elections Division, Suite 802, West Tower, 2 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive SE, Atlanta, GA 30334.   […]

Georgia Ballot Access Laws Restrict Voter Choice

May 20, 2014 – Atlanta Ga: Election officials are predicting a very low turnout today in the primary election. Some predictions place it at only 20-25 percent. These nominating elections are held for Democrat and Republican Parties only, at a cost of millions of tax dollars and a greater cost for runoff elections.   While […]

Why Libertarians Lose

This was originally published on before being re-published at United Liberty. “Libertarians will never win.”  “Why don’t you just join the Republican Party?”  I’ve heard all the reasons I’m “doing it wrong” from people outside the Libertarian Party.  “We don’t have ballot access.”  “We aren’t able to raise money, because we aren’t bought by […]