Libertarians Oppose Denial of College Education Opportunities

Nearing the end of the 2011-2012 legislative session, Georgia’s lawmakers consider a bill which would deny to undocumented persons access to post-secondary education, codifying an existing Board of Regents policy. Available on the Georgia General Assembly’s website is the full text of the bill.

“This bill panders to a particular and currently politically popular constituency of voters,” said Crystal Gross, Operations Director for the Libertarian Party of Georgia. “Restraining the possibilities for the children of individuals who made a choice to break a law. This bill is an overreach by the legislature to dictate education policy to the state Board of Regents and threatens the very foundation of the American way of life — education, innovation, and prosperity.”

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Augusta Affiliate Proud of Outreach

Not to be outdone by our Athens affiliate, the Central Savannah River Area (Augusta) Libertarians reached out to the area’s GLBT community as a part of Augusta PRIDE. The second year of outreach at the second annual PRIDE event produced the affiliate’s first entry in the PRIDE parade, as well a booth on Augusta Common celebrating equality for all Augustans.

An estimated 6500-7000 attendees make Augusta’s PRIDE parade and festival the second largest in the state in only its second year. With nearly 30 entries in this year’s parade, the CSRA Libertarians were the ONLY political party represented in what many called a “warm up” to upcoming festivals in Savannah and Athens in September and the second largest PRIDE celebration in the United States in Atlanta this October.

In addition to the local area volunteers, state party Chairman Daniel N. Adams, Executive Director Brett Bittner, Region 3 Representatives Brad Ploeger and Joey Kidd, and Region 5 Representative Crystal Gross also traveled to Augusta to take part in the outreach activities. Chairman Adams and CSRA-LP Chairwoman Amanda Bryant rode in the parade in a vehicle driven by 2010 candidate for Richmond County School Board candidate Taylor Bryant. They were joined on foot by Representatives Ploeger and Kidd to pass out information about the local affiliate, as well as the state Party.

Kudos to a job well done, CSRA-LP!

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