Which Libertarian Are You?

Originally posted at BrettBittner.com and UnitedLiberty.org. Republished with permission. As the libertarian philosophy gains popularity in response to the repeated failures of government, we need to define which type of libertarians we want to be. Our numbers are growing, and as we reach critical mass, we need to start to specialize our political activities. In my mind, […]

Why Libertarians Lose

This was originally published on BrettBittner.com before being re-published at United Liberty. “Libertarians will never win.”  “Why don’t you just join the Republican Party?”  I’ve heard all the reasons I’m “doing it wrong” from people outside the Libertarian Party.  “We don’t have ballot access.”  “We aren’t able to raise money, because we aren’t bought by […]

An open letter to our liberty-minded friends in the Republican Party…

**This was originally posted on as a note on the Athens affiliate’s Facebook Page**   Well, here we are.  The official Republican candidate for President of the United States is Mitt Romney. Right now, a lot of you Ron Paul supporters are probably pretty mad.  I’m willing to bet that it’s not just because the […]