Georgia Libertarian candidate heads to court over ballot access case

candidates-jeffamasonLibertarian candidate Jeff Amason For Liberty campaign released this statement concerning their law suit over ballot access and the certification of petition signatures.

Atlanta, GA — August 21, 2014
The Fulton County Superior Court will hear the Jeff Amason and Amason for Liberty, Inc. ballot access case on Monday, August 25th at 10:00 AM. The Amason campaign has requested that the Court compel the Elections Office to place Jeff Amason’s name on the November ballot as the Libertarian candidate for the Georgia House of Representatives from District 21. [Read more…]

State House Candidate Jeff Amason Submits Ballot Signatures

The Libertarian Party of Georgia would like to congratulate Jeff Amason and his team for their efforts to get on the November ballot in spite of the signature requirement. We are honored to have such dedicated people involved with the party. Thank you voters for your support.

amasonLibertarian candidate Jeff Amason will submit his ballot access nomination petitions to the Secretary of State’s office in Atlanta on July 8th. The Amason campaign has collected over 2700 signatures, exceeding the minimum required by more than 1000 signatures.

“With the overwhelming response to the campaign, it is clear that the voters in House District 21 are ready for a choice of candidates on the November ballot in Cherokee County.  We would like to thank everyone who signed the petition and gave the voters in November a choice of candidates” Jeff stated to his supporters as the last petitions were collected on Monday.

The petitions must be certified by the Secretary of State’s office before Jeff Amason is officially on the November ballot.

Libertarian Party of Georgia Nominates 2014 Candidates

Marietta, GA – On March 8, The Libertarian Party of Georgia held their annual state convention in Marietta, nominating their slate of 2014 candidates. Gathering at the former location of Theatre in the Square, Libertarians from across the state came together for the annual meeting to decide who will represent them on the ballot and in the boardroom.

The 2014 candidate slate is led by founder and former CEO of the nanotechnology company, nGimat, Dr. Andrew Hunt, running for Governor. Andrew received his B.S. in Geology from Auburn University, a Master’s Degree in Geology from the Colorado School of Mines, and a Ph.D. in Materials Science & Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

In the race to replace Saxby Chambliss in the U.S. Senate, the Libertarian Party fielded the twice-elected Libertarian Amanda Swafford, making her the first female candidate for U.S. Senate nominated in 2014. A graduate of Agnes Scott College in Decatur, Ms. Swafford formerly served on the Flowery Branch City Council, ending her term on December 31, 2011. [Read more…]

Why Libertarians Lose

This was originally published on before being re-published at United Liberty.

“Libertarians will never win.”  “Why don’t you just join the Republican Party?”  I’ve heard all the reasons I’m “doing it wrong” from people outside the Libertarian Party.  “We don’t have ballot access.”  “We aren’t able to raise money, because we aren’t bought by special interests.”  I’ve heard every excuse inside the Libertarian Party about why we do not win elections.  Aside from the ballot access issue and joining the Republican Party, what you’re about to read is also valid for “small L” libertarians, grassroots campaigns of either the Democratic or Republican variety, and nearly any recently “off the couch” activist-turned-candidate.  There are obvious exceptions in the case of independently wealthy individuals or celebrities or athletes cashing in on their fame, but these are generally the “rules.”  Also, there are “wins” that can be achieved without actually having more votes than the others running, but that is for another day.

The “mistakes” I outline below are not the fault of the candidate, their staff or their volunteers.  It is my opinion that they are just unaware of the “mistakes.”  The first and most devastating mistake that Libertarians make is that they are not involved in government until they are ready to run for office.  They have not attended a single City Council, County Commission meeting, or visited their state legislature to watch them in action, let alone been involved enough to know the players or the game.  At the local level, there are many opportunities to get involved without winning an election.  This mistake hurts potential candidates for two reasons: no one knows who they are, and they do not have any record on which to run. [Read more…]