Every Vote Counts*

How often have you heard this statement? *Every vote Counts(if you are willing to cast your vote for a democrat or a republican). That’s just a bit closer to the truth.  Why?  Because the state of Georgia’s restrictive ballot access laws prohibit(as in stop) Libertarian Candidates from getting their name on the ballot. You cannot […]

Georgia Libertarian candidate heads to court over ballot access case

Libertarian candidate Jeff Amason For Liberty campaign released this statement concerning their law suit over ballot access and the certification of petition signatures. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Atlanta, GA — August 21, 2014 The Fulton County Superior Court will hear the Jeff Amason and Amason for Liberty, Inc. ballot access case on Monday, August 25th at […]

State House Candidate Jeff Amason Submits Ballot Signatures

The Libertarian Party of Georgia would like to congratulate Jeff Amason and his team for their efforts to get on the November ballot in spite of the signature requirement. We are honored to have such dedicated people involved with the party. Thank you voters for your support. Libertarian candidate Jeff Amason will submit his ballot […]

Libertarian Party of Georgia Nominates 2014 Candidates

Marietta, GA – On March 8, The Libertarian Party of Georgia held their annual state convention in Marietta, nominating their slate of 2014 candidates. Gathering at the former location of Theatre in the Square, Libertarians from across the state came together for the annual meeting to decide who will represent them on the ballot and in the boardroom. […]

Why Libertarians Lose

This was originally published on BrettBittner.com before being re-published at United Liberty. “Libertarians will never win.”  “Why don’t you just join the Republican Party?”  I’ve heard all the reasons I’m “doing it wrong” from people outside the Libertarian Party.  “We don’t have ballot access.”  “We aren’t able to raise money, because we aren’t bought by […]