The Rule of Men

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This past Thursday regulators overseeing the US school lunch program graciously decided to “permanently” ease restrictions added to the

healthy-school-lunchschool lunch program only 4 years ago. The changes initiated in 2010 were a part of the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act, which was crafted with the laudable goal of solving childhood obesity. Fat and salt were cut, fruits and vegetables increased, portion sizes and overall calories reduced. Clearly this singular approach from a singular agency imposed upon an entire nation was destined to succeed because if history has taught us anything, it is that humans always solve a problem upon the first attempt and that monopolistic one-size-fits-all solutions are an ideal mechanism for societal improvement. [Read more…]

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President Obama’s 23 Executive Actions Regarding Guns

The recent debate regarding gun control after the Newtown shootings stirred up many emotions on both sides.  Today, President Obama signed 23 executive actions and indicated that he wants Congress to pass laws to accomplish the following:

  • require universal background checks (background checks on anyone who would buy a gun,  whether in stores or at auctions and conventions)
  • restore a ban on “military-style assault weapons”
  • ban gun magazines with capacities of more than 10 rounds
  • tougher penalties on people who sell guns to people who aren’t allowed to have guns
The 23 executive actions: [Read more…]

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