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Opinion by Brock Gallops – Libertarian Activist,  Libertarian Party of the Chattahoochee Valley Vice Chairman

trainFor too long, Georgia citizens have been victim to Big Government. Commonly, Big Government is associated with Democrats but you should not be fooled! Big Government exists in both Republicans and Democrats. The greatest reason for Georgia citizens falling victim to Big Government is Georgia citizens themselves as the culprit.

We recently had one of the lowest voter turnouts in history for the May 20th elections. Almost all incumbents were kept in place at least until the General Election on November 4th. We have several career politicians in Georgia with over 30 years of writing senseless laws, telling us what is best, and implementing Big Government into our state. How is it that polls show that more than 50% of people are dissatisfied with politics, and we barely made any changes to our legislators? How do we have so many career politicians writing these senseless laws and helping the Federal Government to continue their overreach into our state? The problem is our voting habits which is in part a design by Big Government champions. [Read more...]

Andrew Hunt on the campaign trail

Hunt 02

Andrew Hunt meets with public at July 4th event

Georgia Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Andrew Hunt talks issues at civic meetings this week.

Meet Andrew Hunt, Libertarian Party candidate for Georgia Governor at our next meeting, this Tuesday (July 15), 7 pm. Location: Anthony’s Pizza & Pasta, 3155 East Ponce de Leon Ave., Scottdale, Ga.

Thursday (July 17) at 7pm, Hunt for Governor, will be presenting at the Gainesville Civic Center. It is an open Tea Party meeting so please join in with social time starts at 6:30. Lanier Tea Party Patriots 

Learn more about Andrew Hunt GO HERE>>> www.andrewhunt.us

Action Alert: Georgia Libertarian Campaign Kickoff Fund

more freedomFrom Chairman Doug Craig

Dear Libertarian Party Members & Supporters,

I’ve never been more excited about a political campaign season than this one. The Libertarian Party of Georgia has a great slate of candidates and we are getting media coverage. Over the next four months we must support our candidates by placing our message of liberty before the voters.

Here’s how you can help!

Ad Campaign: To begin our voter outreach campaigns we need to develop radio, TV and internet advertisements designed to inform voters of our positions and brand our party label.

$5000 Campaign Kick-Off Fund:
[Read more...]

State House Candidate Jeff Amason Submits Ballot Signatures

The Libertarian Party of Georgia would like to congratulate Jeff Amason and his team for their efforts to get on the November ballot in spite of the signature requirement. We are honored to have such dedicated people involved with the party. Thank you voters for your support.

amasonLibertarian candidate Jeff Amason will submit his ballot access nomination petitions to the Secretary of State’s office in Atlanta on July 8th. The Amason campaign has collected over 2700 signatures, exceeding the minimum required by more than 1000 signatures.

“With the overwhelming response to the campaign, it is clear that the voters in House District 21 are ready for a choice of candidates on the November ballot in Cherokee County.  We would like to thank everyone who signed the petition and gave the voters in November a choice of candidates” Jeff stated to his supporters as the last petitions were collected on Monday.

The petitions must be certified by the Secretary of State’s office before Jeff Amason is officially on the November ballot.

Swafford for Senate “Fun Raising” Party July 26

img4Do you love freedom and your second amendment

rights? Swafford for Senate is hosting a FUN Raising

Party on July 26th at the Georgia Gun Club and you

are invited to come have a great time with us!

The Georgia Gun Club is a First Class, top of the line,

BRAND NEW FACILITY located near the Braselton area and features an

extraordinary indoor shooting environment for today’s demanding sport enthusiast.

WHEN: Saturday, July 26th 6pm-8pm
WHERE: Georgia Gun Club 1951 Braselton Highway Buford, GA 30519
(Conveniently located close to Hwy 316 and accessible from I-85)
CONTACT INFO: (770)967-6681 or visit Amanda’s website at http://amandaswafford.net/july26event.html