To Act, Or Not To Act

Have you ever felt inspired, hopeful, able and optimistic about your ability to right a wrong?

Have you ever felt frustrated, small, ineffective and helpless about your ability to do anything about a problem?

Recently my wife and I saw the movie “The Butler,” starring Forest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey, and, in what is probably the most intentionally ironic casting in the history of moviemaking, Jane Fonda as Nancy Reagan. Although the supposedly true story was certainly exaggerated as only Hollywood can do it, the film starkly brought forth the dilemma between smiling and accepting the status quo and making the best you can of an intolerable situation, as opposed to taking large and even uncalculated risks to try to change away from its wrongs. [Read more...]

Leave My Genes Alone

This was originally posted on Porcupine Musings.

The aphorism “No good deed goes unpunished” has its counterpart when applied to business, “No good innovation can remain unscathed by the FDA.” To wit: last week the Food and Drug Administration all but ordered the company 23andMe to shut down. Their crime? They have the unmitigated gall to market their Personal Genome Services without having received prior “marketing clearance or approval” from the FDA. Those silly saps at 23andMe forgot they have to kiss the ring of their overlords if they wish to operate a business in this country. [Read more...]

The Wager

This year, our Executive Director and our Chairman will be rooting for different sides in the Georgia-Georgia Tech game on Saturday, November 30th for the first time.

As many of you know, our Chairman Doug Craig is a BIG yellow jacket fan, and our Executive Director Brett Bittner went to UGA, so his allegiance is pretty obvious.

Together, they’ve decided to “wager” with fun, yet embarrassing, acts for one another to perform should their team win. This is something fun, but it is also an opportunity to raise money for LP Georgia.

Here’s a breakdown of “The Wager”: [Read more...]

Should Government Be Limited? If So, How?

The following question is meant to be practical, not philosophical, and your answer is important. Do you want unlimited government? That would mean that government would effectively take responsibility for deciding and controlling all aspects of our lives. Honestly, I don’t think I have ever encountered anyone who wants that to happen.

One of the reasons for that result is, of course, that unlimited government doesn’t work. For example, the governments in China, Cuba and the former Soviet Union took away many personal freedoms, but they still had some limitations on government, and even then their systems were stagnant. Thus I think everybody thinks that there should be some limitations on government. [Read more...]

Vote With Your Wallet

This was originally published by Rich Sullivan, a strong supporter of the Libertarian Party, on his Tumblr. Re-published with permission.

Maybe the only thing more embarrassing than seriously considering putting one of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects on your magazine

Rolling Stone Cover

Photo courtesy of Rolling Stone

cover is actually doing it. The move this week to put the surviving Boston bombing suspect on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine has been met with much outrage.

Somehow, this ill-conceived idea likely made it through many meetings and considerations. Now, part of me understands some of what they were trying to do: sell copies of their magazine and get more people to their website. How does one justify the risk of such a controversial move, a move they had to know would seriously offend so many? Surely, they were expecting backlash. Why did they do it? Time may tell this story, and I hope to hear it because I’m curious. [Read more...]