Andrew Hunt For Governor: Position on Gun Rights

Andrew-Hunt_0The Andrew Hunt for Governor campaign has release this statement clarifying his position on Gun Rights and the 2nd Amendment:

“As the only candidate in the gubernatorial race to stand for personal freedom and responsibility, I wish to make absolutely clear my stance on one of our most cherished constitutional rights. The right to keep and bear arms is a right guaranteed by both the US constitution and our state constitution. It would be with great pleasure and my duty as governor of this great state to sign any bill that comes across my desk re-affirming that right. Constitutional rights do not end at the borders of our publicly owned and operated university and college campuses. Students, like all responsible, law abiding citizens, have a God given right to protect themselves from harm anywhere in this state. As your governor and in keeping with the Libertarian philosophy, it would be the policy of my administration that no government entity shall deprive a citizen of their rights without due process and that the rights of private property owners shall be affirmed and protected.” Dr. Andrew T. Hunt

Andrew Hunt for Governor Debate Generated Major News Coverage

Here is some of the news coverage of the October 7th Georgia Gubernatorial Debates in Perry GA:

Debate 06









Andrew Hunt on WGCL-ATL (CBS) – Atlanta, GA
10/07/2014 16:35:42
CBS46 News at 4pm (News)

Andrew Hunt on WMGT (NBC) – Macon, GA
10/07/2014 18:04:00
41 NBC News @ 6PM (News)
Andrew Hunt on WMGT (NBC) – Macon, GA
10/07/2014 23:01:00
41 NBC News @ 11PM (News)
Andrew Hunt on WALB (NBC) – Albany, GA
10/07/2014 23:02:40
WALB News 10 (News)

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Georgia Libertarians – Proud to be at PRIDE

indexLibertarian Party of Georgia to Attend 2014 Atlanta PRIDE Festival

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The Libertarian Party of Georgia is proud to be a part of the 44th Atlanta PRIDE Festival this weekend – Oct. 11 – 12 – Piedmont Park.

This is the 5th year Libertarians will network with festival attendees at a booth (Purple 36) Saturday and Sunday during the event. Party leaders will be giving the World’s Smallest Political Quiz to help educate the public about where they fit in the political spectrum.

Also on Sunday the Libertarian Party will march in the Atlanta Pride Parade October 12, 1:00 p.m. SHARP. Assembly begins at 10:30 a.m. on the streets near the Civic Center MARTA Station

Route: The Parade will step off from the Civic Center MARTA Station. The parade merges off Ralph McGill onto Peachtree Street and Travels north. It then turns east on to 10th Street and follows 10th Street to the Charles Allen Gate entrance of Piedmont Park, where the Parade officially ends.

Mrs. Laurel Harmon
Vice Chair – Libertarian Party of Georgia

Dr. Andrew Hunt debates the others guys

Tonight, Libertarian Party candidate Dr. Andrew Hunt debated the Republican and Democrat candidates at the Georgia National Fair Perry, GA. 

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Dr. Andrew Hunt-  Libertarian Party

Dr. Andrew hunt, Libertarian Party

Doug Craig: The Man in the Freedom T-Shirt takes a look at the man behind the Libertarian Party of Georgia. We are proud to have Doug Craig as chairman of this movement.

Enter Doug Craig’s office.39648_DougCraig

Or rather, his warehouse. This sheet-metal manufacturing plant in Atlanta’s poor, urban Southside might seem like a strange place to find the architect of a third-party uprising, a spoiler of potentially national proportions. Yet here is Craig, wearing a black “Freedom” T-shirt hastily tucked into cargo shorts, warning me to avoid the close-by glass shards from a shattered television.

“I didn’t think of dressing up,” he says against the backdrop of whirrs and clangs and booms. “I’ve never been the type of politician to wear a suit and tie anyway.”

As the first-year chairman of the Libertarian Party of Georgia, Craig is understated: a portly man with an easy air and a large goatee. But he shouldn’t be underestimated. This year he’s anointed two candidates who stand a fair chance of spoiling two high-profile races and turning Georgia into a high-stakes battleground. Now, no one expects Andrew Hunt to become Georgia’s next governor, or Amanda Swafford to make it to the U.S. Senate. But should they live up to their poll numbers — between five and seven percent, regularly — they’ll likely force runoffs. (In Georgia, statewide races go into overtime if one candidate doesn’t capture 50 percent of the vote.)