The Ballot Access Battle Has Yet To Be Won

Group Barnhouse Swafford Wilson Winger

Left to Right: Nelson Barnhouse, Amanda Swafford, Nathan Wilson and Richard Winger

The One-Party  Two-Party system is alive and well in Georgia.  However, that has not stopped the Libertarian Party of Georgia from working to change that system into a real Two Party  Three Party system.
We know and understand that more competition leads to better outcomes.  Yet, we have had to fight for every ballot we get on in Georgia for each and every election.  The only exceptions are open elections where Party affiliations are not a factor.

Amanda Swafford, the Libertarian Party of Georgia candidate for US Senate in 2014 joined Nelson Barnhouse and Nathan Wilson, and they had the unique opportunity on Thursday evening, November 5, 2015, to meet with renowned ballot access expert Mr Richard Winger who was in town for a deposition in an extremely critical litigation case regarding ballot access in Georgia.
Mr. Winger has testified in many very important court cases that have formed the basis of allowing Libertarian, third party and independent candidates to appear on ballots all over the country for over 40 years. To find out more about Mr. Winger, check out his Wikipedia entry which can be viewed here:
We sincerely thank you for taking personal responsibility and working to change the existing    One Party Two Party duopoly. We know you have many competing priorities each time you honor the ballot access movement with your time, energy and finances. So thank you.
You can help us by pitching in to fund the fight.  So join us in this effort to restore freedom and choice to our voting options.
It’s difficult to claim we are a freedom loving nation when we are prohibited by law from supporting the candidates of our choosing.

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  1. The Ballot Access fight is how they keep us Libertarians in our place. But that does not mean we cannot have an impact. There are many “open” races in Georgia and we Libertarians need to enter them whenever we have the chance. We can get some experience in running an election campaign and influence the dialogue and outcomes of the open elections.