Every Vote Counts*

How often have you heard this statement?

*Every vote Counts(if you are willing to cast your vote for a democrat or a republican).

That’s just a bit closer to the truth.  Why?  Because the state of Georgia’s restrictive ballot access laws prohibit(as in stop) Libertarian Candidates from getting their name on the ballot.

You cannot get your votes to count if you write in your candidate of choice unless that candidate has also registered as an official write-in candidate.  So when you write in someone’s name against an unopposed candidate, the act is meaningless.  But they want to give you the idea that it counted(yet they do not even count write-ins).

Why would they do such a thing?  In this day and age where everything is about choice, why would they deny you the choice of the option of casting a vote for a Libertarian candidate?  Because they can.  That’s right -they can.

Unless you do something about it.  We need you to begin to contact your State Representatives and Senators.  We need you to let them know. that if every vote counts, then every candidate that meets the legal requirements for the office be allowed to run for the office.

Earlier in the year HB 58 was introduced,   Read about it here:


This Bill would have lowered the number of signatures needed from 5% to 2% to get a Libeertarian Party Candidate on the ballot.  Better, but certainly not good enough.  We should demand more.  We might settle for less the first time around but we need to demand more.

Here’s where you can do something to help us help you make your vote count.  Because your vote does not count when there is no candidate running against an incumbent.  You know that.  I know that.  The media knows that.

And if you know that most of the positions that you will cast votes for are unopposed, odds are you might just choose to stay home.  Many voters do.

So I am asking you to write your State Representatives and State Senators.  Learn what their position is on this issue,  Voice your support to more choice at the ballot box, rather than less.  When you hear back from them, let us know what they have said. Send me a note at Ernest.Moosa@lpgeorgiadotcom(you know how to change that dot).

You can find their names and contact info with the link below.


Help us help you to begin tackling this issue now, before the next start of the legislative session.

We want your votes to count.  Really count.  Not the charade we have today.

And while you are at it, if you are not a member of the Georgia Libertarian Party, consider joining us today.  The more members we have the more the legislators will be willing to listen to us.

It’s your freedom we are fighting for.  Help us help you.

Click here to join us today: Make My Vote Count!

Together we can make that happen!

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  1. There are six “special” elections for Georgia House Seats today. What if every election in Georgia was treated as a “Special” election?

    Would we get more candidates to challenge incumbents? You bet.
    Would we get a better outcome in the end? I challenge you to give me some reasons why we would not get better results.

    And oh yes, we would see more Libertarians running across the board.

    It’s time we end the “Two-Party Tyranny” in Georgia.

  2. Ballot Access absolutely changes the political game here in Georgia. There is currently a very viable federal lawsuit pending in the District Court that presents a reasonable chance at lowering petitioning requirements for all of Georgia’s races despite primarily involving access to the Presidential ballot. A similar case several years ago did just that. We’re working now to present evidence and ready the case for trial. If you know candidates from past elections that have been unsuccessful in efforts to get on the ballot, we NEED to hear from them! Please reach out to me or contact the Libertarian Party of Georgia.

    After you’ve contacted your legislators in the General Assembly, visit my website at http://www.AmandaSwafford.net where you can get engaged with our ongoing efforts in the ballot access movement. I’ve been running a Go Fund Me page since HB 58 was filed early this year and you can connect to that site through my web page. Stay up to date on the many activities and action items in this important area. We desperately need YOUR help to bring choice to the Georgia ballot!

    There are some awesome liberty playing cards you can buy now to support ballot access. We also have an amazing murder mystery dinner benefit planned on Saturday September 19 with shuttle service from three points in Atlanta so save the date and start collecting your extra dollars — This will be an incredibly important event to support for the future of all Third Party and Independent candidates in Georgia.

    Ballot Access Changes Everything!