The convention will take place at several locations throughout the city. The map below contains pinpoints of all three convention locations and three of the hotels in the area, where we know attendees to be staying. Click each pinpoint to get more information on each location.

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Friday Night Happy Hour: 8 PM

  • Red Hare Brewing in Marietta
  • Stand up comedy by our own Tennille Stubbs
  • Beverages in a souvenir pint
  • Tours by staff
  • Outdoor games (Bocce and Cornhole) weather permitting
  • Company of your fellow Libertarians.


Saturday’s convention activities will take place at Theatre in the Square, just off the Marietta Square, with credentialing and registration beginning at 8 AM. Lunch will be on-site, but dinner will take place at Dave Poe’s Barbecue with live entertainment, games, and EXCELLENT barbecue.

If you’re coming from outside metro Atlanta (or want to give some tourism dollars to Marietta), there is a room share group on Facebook to try to connect folks looking to minimize their out of pocket costs here.

Here’s the schedule:

Morning Session:

8 AM: Credentials/Registration
8:30 AMWelcome from Marietta City Councilman, Stuart Fleming
8:40 AM: “Living Liberty” panel with The Foundation for Economic Education‘s Richard Lorenc, The                      Libertarian Homeschooler Ana Martin, and Laissez Faire Capitalism‘s Phred Barnett(in theatre)
“What I Learned From Running For Office Statewide” panel with former LP Georgia candidates Sharon Harris, Garrett Michael Hayes, and John Monds(upstairs)
10:10 AM: Scheduled Break
10:25 AM: “A Libertarian Dozen” address by President of The Advocates for Self-Government, Sharon Harris (in theatre)
“So, You Want To Run For Office?” discussion with Apache Political’s Mike Hassinger and elected Libertarian Brett Bittner (upstairs)


12:00 noon: Lunch w/ Robert Sarvis (in theatre)

Afternoon Business Session (times are approximate): Business session only registration is available here.

1:00 PM: Call to order
Credentials Committee report
Seating of Delegates
Adoption of agenda
1:15 PM: Chairman’s report
1:25 PM: Treasurer’s report
1:45 PM: Bylaws and Rules Committee report (Consideration and Adoption of Proposed Changes)
2:00 PM: Platform Committee report (Consideration and Adoption of Proposed Changes)
2:15 PM: Nomination and Speeches from Candidates Seeking Office
3:30 PM: Regional caucus breakout (regional representation to be elected)
4:00 PM: Election of Party Officers and At-Large members of the Executive Committee
5:00 PM: Election of Delegates to the National Convention
5:30 PM: Resolutions
6:00 PM: Adjournment


7:30 PM: Dave Poe’s BBQ

  • Entertainment provided by comedian Tim Slagle
  • Live auction
  • Fundraising games