Conflicts of Interest

As a Libertarian, I understand what it is like to be perceived as being against anything and everything. Those that try to characterize Libertarians in this manner often have a conflict of interest. There are many conflicts of interest that we are surrounded with each and every day. The best way to address these issues […]

Christians For Liberty 2015 Conference

This is the first article in what I would like to become a series of articles describing liberty related events.  As Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of Georgia, I see it to be beneficial to inform everyone as much as possible about events going on of which liberty minded people can be a part.  […]

Is Selfishness A Libertarian Virtue?

  It probably won’t shock you to hear that the majority of friends I made while working on undergraduate and graduate work in philosophy are liberals or socialists. However, libertarians might be shocked to know just how the outside world sees us. While I can’t make absolute claims about everyone’s perspective, I can point to […]

“It Is Impossible to Argue Against Libertarianism Without Contradiction”

We thought that we would point you towards some Libertarian dialogue and debate for your consideration. Tom Woods tackles this topic in his podcast linked below. After you have listened let us know what you thought of the arguments presented. Share This:

Truth-O-Meter: Libertarian budget claims are true

PolitiFact Georgia says Libertarian candidate Jeff Amason’s budget increase claims are true. “The state budget has increased almost $800 million a year in each of the last two years.” — Jeff Amason on Monday, September 1st, 2014 in interview on The Monica Perez Show, WSB Share This: