Johnson Weld 2016 Campaign Materials Are Here!

YES! We have yard signs and bumper stickers! For those that live in Cobb, Cherokee, Atlanta, Macon, Stockbridge, Bartow or Northwest Georgia then you have materials available at your local LP AFFILLIATES. We have over 1,000 yard signs and  still need to get them to Athens, Augusta, Albany, Columbus, Savannah, Thomasville, Gainesville, Johns Creek, and Camden. We need […]

The Ballot Access Battle Has Yet To Be Won

The One-Party  Two-Party system is alive and well in Georgia.  However, that has not stopped the Libertarian Party of Georgia from working to change that system into a real Two Party  Three Party system. We know and understand that more competition leads to better outcomes.  Yet, we have had to fight for every ballot we […]

Conflicts of Interest

As a Libertarian, I understand what it is like to be perceived as being against anything and everything. Those that try to characterize Libertarians in this manner often have a conflict of interest. There are many conflicts of interest that we are surrounded with each and every day. The best way to address these issues […]

Christians For Liberty 2015 Conference

This is the first article in what I would like to become a series of articles describing liberty related events.  As Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of Georgia, I see it to be beneficial to inform everyone as much as possible about events going on of which liberty minded people can be a part.  […]

Economies Of Scale Vs. Scope of Government

Take a look at the top of this page and read what we as Libertarians seek prior to reading this.  I’ll repeat it here: Smaller Government Lower Taxes More Freedom What we  get are the opposites:  Larger Government, More Taxes, Less Freedom. Why larger governments do not benefit from economies of scale has bothered me.  I […]