LP Georgia Chairman Doug Craig Issues Statement on Winter Storm and Response

This week has been a tough one for many in Georgia. Tuesday saw snow and ice cover most of metropolitan Atlanta, closing businesses, schools, and roads across the region. While the emergencies and inconveniences are tragic and preventable, this storm and the response showed us that we should not depend on the government to provide a plan or solution for us. It is our personal responsibility to prepare, plan, and execute solutions that are best for ourselves and our families.

Atlanta Snow Jam 2014With the large percentage of our paychecks devoted to taxes at various levels of government, and their promises to serve in all of the roles they wish to provide, it can very tempting to hand over the duties of our safety and comfort. Because of this dependence on the government [Read more...]

Target Your Message

**This was originally published at BrettBittner.com . I was asked to share some of my “secrets to success” with regard to my election and subsequent re-election.**

I was re-elected on Tuesday.

I ran for re-election against not one, but TWO, opponents to represent a ward in my city that is home to about 8,000 people after the re-districting process following the 2010 census. I won without a runoff.

This stat is why I’m writing this: Only 276 people voted in my race.

How did I find 156 people to vote for me out of the 8,000 that potentially could have?

I targeted my message. [Read more...]

Counting, Government Style

This was originally posted on Porcupine Musings.

As Obamacare looms nigh small employers such as myself who are near the margins of the 50 employee threshold of being an “applicable large employer for Section 4980H” have found it necessary to waste time and money just trying to figure out if we have reached that threshold or not (and yes, we already provide health insurance). At face value it seems like this should be simple enough: just count. But as with most things generated via government bureaucracy nothing is ever as simple as it seems. The statute is filled with ambiguous and undefined terms such as “stability period”, “measurement period”, “standard measurement period”, “upcoming stability period”, “safe harbor”, and so on. I’m actually trying to comply with this nightmare of a law but even our accountants admit some of the questions simply can’t be answered yet. Typical government: “Here, comply with this” – “Ok, how do I do that?” – “We haven’t decided yet, but don’t worry, if you get it wrong we’ll let you know with a fine.” [Read more...]

Leave My Genes Alone

This was originally posted on Porcupine Musings.

The aphorism “No good deed goes unpunished” has its counterpart when applied to business, “No good innovation can remain unscathed by the FDA.” To wit: last week the Food and Drug Administration all but ordered the company 23andMe to shut down. Their crime? They have the unmitigated gall to market their Personal Genome Services without having received prior “marketing clearance or approval” from the FDA. Those silly saps at 23andMe forgot they have to kiss the ring of their overlords if they wish to operate a business in this country. [Read more...]

The Wager

This year, our Executive Director and our Chairman will be rooting for different sides in the Georgia-Georgia Tech game on Saturday, November 30th for the first time.

As many of you know, our Chairman Doug Craig is a BIG yellow jacket fan, and our Executive Director Brett Bittner went to UGA, so his allegiance is pretty obvious.

Together, they’ve decided to “wager” with fun, yet embarrassing, acts for one another to perform should their team win. This is something fun, but it is also an opportunity to raise money for LP Georgia.

Here’s a breakdown of “The Wager”: [Read more...]