US Senate Candidate Amanda Swafford ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Georgia Libertarian Party candidate for U.S. Senate Amanda Swafford took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and challenged three political party leaders to do the same. 

Libertarian Party of Georgia Chairman Doug Craig

Democratic Party of Georgia Chairman DuBose Porter

Republican Party of Georgia Chairman John Padgett

Up for the Challenge?


Militarization of Police – Lessons Learned in Ferguson, Mo.

From: The Libertarian Party of Georgia -

Police Shooting MissouriThe August 2014 shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. has once again fanned the flames of anger, frustration and outrage by yet another community in America.

Across the nation the public is witnessing the militarization of our police and the increased awareness of excessive force, shootings and killing of innocent people. While we wait for the shooting investigation to unfold, the Libertarian Party offers insight into the matter.

Doug Craig chairman of the Libertarian Party of Georgia said the state should reexamine law enforcement practices and the militarization of local police force. [Read more...]

TED METZ, A Brief History of Healthcare

Georgia Libertarian candidate for Insurance Commissioner Ted Metz gives a brief history of healthcare in America.

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Marijuana – Time to Legalize

Libertarians: Yes to Marijuana Legalization – The time has come
marijuana-leafJuly 30, 2014 – Atlanta GA: As marijuana (cannabis) continues to make headline news, Georgia Libertarians say it’s time to reform Georgia’s marijuana laws.

In July, Washington became the second state in the nation to legalize cannabis (marijuana) for recreational use following Colorado’s move just six months ago. Nearly half of the states have some form of medical marijuana laws and a growing number of states have lessened the penalties for possession. The New York Times has generated a fresh debate by coming out in support of legalization and Libertarian Party of Georgia’s gubernatorial candidate Andrew Hunt said as governor he would sign marijuana reform legislation.
So is Georgia ready to consider such a move?

YES – says Libertarian Party of Georgia chairman Doug Craig. [Read more...]

Who is Andrew Hunt?

andrew_hunt_2We know about Carter and Deal, but who is Andrew Hunt? By Raoul Duke III

The 2014 Georgia gubernatorial election will take place on November 4, 2014. Though there has been much talk and coverage about the Republican candidate Nathan Deal and the Democratic candidate Jason Carter, there has been little reference to the Libertarian candidate Andrew Hunt. Who is Hunt and what does he stand for? Read more at Peachtree NORML

“I am an engineer and innovator who wants to solve problems in the most cost effective ways,” Hunt said. “I work my faith in God to carry out Christ’s teachings of love and not judging people. I firmly believe we need to give people a hand up and reduce handouts. Effectively enabling people to be capable and independent produces less need for social support. I, also, believe we do not need law makers, but instead need law erasers that will restore our freedoms and rights. Government should not determine the ‘right way’ to live life nor restrict personal choices.” Andrew Hunt