Liberty & PRIDE – 2014 Atlanta Pride Festival

Libertarian Party of Georgia is hosting a public outreach booth this weekend at the 2014 Atlanta Pride Festival. Hundreds of festival goers stopped by the tent to take the World’s Smallest Political Quiz and talk about the upcoming elections. Libertarians will be in the Pride Parade Sunday.




Georgia Libertarians – Proud to be at PRIDE

indexLibertarian Party of Georgia to Attend 2014 Atlanta PRIDE Festival

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The Libertarian Party of Georgia is proud to be a part of the 44th Atlanta PRIDE Festival this weekend – Oct. 11 – 12 – Piedmont Park.

This is the 5th year Libertarians will network with festival attendees at a booth (Purple 36) Saturday and Sunday during the event. Party leaders will be giving the World’s Smallest Political Quiz to help educate the public about where they fit in the political spectrum.

Also on Sunday the Libertarian Party will march in the Atlanta Pride Parade October 12, 1:00 p.m. SHARP. Assembly begins at 10:30 a.m. on the streets near the Civic Center MARTA Station

Route: The Parade will step off from the Civic Center MARTA Station. The parade merges off Ralph McGill onto Peachtree Street and Travels north. It then turns east on to 10th Street and follows 10th Street to the Charles Allen Gate entrance of Piedmont Park, where the Parade officially ends.

Mrs. Laurel Harmon
Vice Chair – Libertarian Party of Georgia

Dr. Andrew Hunt debates the others guys

Tonight, Libertarian Party candidate Dr. Andrew Hunt debated the Republican and Democrat candidates at the Georgia National Fair Perry, GA. 

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Dr. Andrew Hunt-  Libertarian Party

Dr. Andrew hunt, Libertarian Party

Gallup Poll: Third Political Party Is Needed

PRINCETON, NJ — A majority of U.S. adults, 58%, say a third U.S. political party is needed because the Republican and Democratic parties “do such a poor job” representing the American people. These views are little changed from last year’s high. Since 2007, a majority has typically called for a third party.


Libertarian Party: get out, stay out of Iraq and Syria

The Libertarian Party urges lawmakers to stop bombing in Iraq and to disengage operations in both Iraq and Syria. Read more here >>>

“The U.S. government has been intervening in the Middle East for more than half a century under the pretext of achieving peace,” said Nicholas Sarwark, chair of the Libertarian National Committee. “But things just keep getting worse. We must stop stoking conflicts that tear countries apart, stop dropping bombs, and stay out of the region.”