Christians For Liberty 2015 Conference

This is the first article in what I would like to become a series of articles describing liberty related events.  As Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party of Georgia, I see it to be beneficial to inform everyone as much as possible about events going on of which liberty minded people can be a part.  […]

“It Is Impossible to Argue Against Libertarianism Without Contradiction”

We thought that we would point you towards some Libertarian dialogue and debate for your consideration. Tom Woods tackles this topic in his podcast linked below. After you have listened let us know what you thought of the arguments presented. Share This:

TED METZ, A Brief History of Healthcare

Georgia Libertarian candidate for Insurance Commissioner Ted Metz gives a brief history of healthcare in America. View it here >>>   Share This:

School choice a violation of Georgia Constitution?

Does Georgia’s Scholarship Tax-Credit Program which provides “school choice” to more than 13,000 students violate a provision in Georgia’s Constitution? These issues will be determined in the state’s courts. The initial lawsuit, which was filed in April by four Georgia residents backed by the Southern Education Foundation, argues that the scholarship program violates the state […]