Libertarian Allen Buckley Qualifies for U.S.Senate Race

Allen Buckley(third from right)  at the Secretary of State's Office for Qualifying for U.S. Senate

Allen Buckley at the Secretary of State’s Office for Qualifying for U.S. Senate


Atlanta, June 27, 2016 —Allen Buckley, the Libertarian Party of Georgia’s U.S. Senate candidate, has qualified for the November election. He did so today by filing necessary paperwork with the Georgia Secretary of State’s office and paying a required $5,220 fee.

On June 22nd, Buckley sent a second debates challenge to Senator Johnny Isakson and Democrat Jim Barksdale, challenging them to a series of six (6) weekly one hour televised debates, beginning mid-September. Mr. Buckley requested that both men respond to his debates challenge by noon on June 27th. No responses were received.

Buckley said: “Our country faces tremendous financial challenges. As an attorney and a CPA, I understand the system and propose changes that will work. In contrast, Senator Isakson has done nothing but make matters worse. He voted for approximately $7 trillion of our nation’s $19 trillion of debt, as well as the Omnibus Spending Bill of 2015. According to the CBO, it will produce another $1.5 trillion of debt over the years to come. As a Democrat, Mr. Barksdale will do nothing but increase entitlements and debt.”

Buckley also said: “I can understand why Johnny Isakson does not want to debate. The Conservative Review gives him a 34(F). The Heritage Foundation scores his voting record a 53(F). If I had that sort of voting record, I would not want to debate anyone. Mr. Barksdale’s refusal is hard to understand. Perhaps he feels there’s little to distinguish him from Johnny.”

Mr. Buckley is an attorney/CPA. He previously was the Libertarian Party’s candidate for the U.S. Senate in 2004 and 2008. In 2008, Mr. Buckley garnered 128,002 votes in the General Election, forcing a run-off between Saxby Chambliss and Jim Martin.

Mr. Buckley can be reached for comment at (404) 610-1936. Campaign manager Travis Klavohn can be reached at (404) 585-8556. Mr. Buckley’s campaign website

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Georgia Governor Deal Vetoes HB 757-The Free Exercise Protection Act

by Allen Emptage

The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.

— Ayn Rand

Governor Deal has declared he will veto HB 757, the Free Exercise Protection Act. The bill in its final form pertains to faith based organizations (qualified as 501(c)(3) exempt religious organizations) and religious officials. Such organizations and officials could decline to rent out their facilities or perform ceremonies that violated their religious beliefs. It would have also granted those organizations the right to fire and not hire individuals who opposed or held contradictory beliefs to the organization. The bill also prevents litigation against organizations and individuals exercising these rights.

People should be able to refuse association with whomever they want, for any reason they want without fear of retaliation. They should be able to do the same with their businesses and organizations, not just religious affiliations. Whom we associate with is a very important part of our identity and self-expression. This also runs into basic human nature, forcing people who dislike you to deal with you engenders resentment and anger. Have you ever walked away from an argument or an asshole to prevent escalation? Forcing people to associate with each other involuntarily is damaging to society in the long term. People need to be able to walk away.


The civil rights movement started because of legal discrimination. It was unfortunately common in the for city ordinance to enforce segregation. We homosexuals had our bars and clubs raided on the flimsiest of pretenses. Bureaucrats enforced regulatory codes with malicious intent. We wanted to be able to associate together in peace in our own homes and businesses. When did we start wanting to force people to like us? When did we stop wanting to be respected and start wanting to be served? Now we have the power, and we prove we are no better than the people we once pleaded with “Please, leave us in peace. We don’t want to be like you, we want to be ourselves.”


This trend of enforced cultural assimilation is discomforting. We set a terrible example for future generations to follow. We say, “You must not be different, you must conform.” We say, “We don’t care how angry you are, you must serve.” Worst of all we say, “You have or be crushed, you cannot flee.” Can you recall or imagine what that felt like? How did you feel about your oppressors? What did you want to do to them? What will people do to us fifty years from now? What about a hundred?”

Never forget, tolerance protects the minorities, not the majorities. Which are you?[/read]

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Join Us For Liberty Live: Free Market Economy

Nicholas Sarwark, LNC Chair, will be the keynote speaker at  the following event:

April 8, 2016 at 7 pm
Briarcliff Baptist Church
3039 Briarcliff Rd NE, Atlanta, GA
Admission: Donation

Debbie Dooley, Atlanta Tea Party
Dr. Paul Rubin, Emory University
Dr. Mark Thornton, Mises Institute



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Listen To Georgia Libertarian Party Executive Director Nathan Wilson’s Interview (3/15/2016)


It was a great show as Nathan Wilson discussed our party on WGST.


Tell your friends, and listen yourself!


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2016 Georgia Libertarian Convention: Faces of Freedom

Group LPGeorgia

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