Run For Office

It does not take a millionaire, with hundreds of connections and six months of free time, to run a good race – all it really takes is a dedicated Libertarian willing to help get the message out. We are ALWAYS looking for candidates at all levels of commitment, from the simple but very important outreach candidate, to Libertarians ready to do whatever it takes to win!

Historical Data   ::   Georgia’s Elected Offices

First Step
No matter if this is the first time you’ve ever thought about running for office or you have been planning to do this for years, please contact our Candidate Committee to discuss a run for office as a Libertarian. The Candidate Committee will answer all your questions and help you get your campaign started on the right track.

Candidate Committee

Second Step

The next step to running for office as a Libertarian is to decide for which office to run. Our Georgia’s Elected Offices webpage is a great resource for this. There are 11 statewide offices, 14 US Congressional offices, 236 General Assembly offices, and hundreds of county level offices up for election this election cycle – so there are plenty of offices to chose from.

Third Step
In order to be a candidate for the Libertarian Party of Georgia’s nomination you must first fill out the Notice of Intent form (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader). Not only is this form the necessary first step to get the party’s nomination, it also gets you listed on the website and in other LPGa publications. Filing this form is also the first requirement for receiving various types of pre-nomination support from the party. Simply print out the Notice of Intent form, fill it out completely, and mail it to:

Libertarian Party of Georgia
Attn: Candidate Committee
1776 Peachtree Street NW
Suite 715 South Tower
Atlanta, GA 30309