Georgia Libertarian Party – make it a three way race

lpgalogoThe Libertarian Party of Georgia, in an effort to assist the media and help media outlets be proactive in decreasing inaccurate statements or inadvertent mistakes in coverage this week of the statewide primary results, releases the following information concerning third party candidates who will appear on the ballot in Georgia this fall.

In the United States Senate race, the Libertarian Party of Georgia will field the first female candidate nominated for the Senate race this year. Ms. Amanda Swafford, a former Councilwoman from Hall County who served in the City of Flowery Branch, will be the party’s candidate for US Senate in a November. Depending on the results of Tuesday’s primary, media outlets that choose to highlight female candidates in the US Senate race are encouraged to remind voters that any other women nominated on or after Tuesday would become the second and third woman nominated for Senate this year. The Libertarian Party of Georgia is proud to have nominated only the second woman to ever be nominated for the United States Senate in Georgia’s history.

In the governor’s race, the Libertarian Party of Georgia has nominated Dr. Andrew Hunt. Andrew Hunt is running for Governor because he believes that the time has come for a better path forward for Georgia – one based on personal freedom and responsibility. Andrew was born in Georgia and has spent his life working to bring people together in order to solve complex problems through innovation and entrepreneurship.


For the Public Service Commission, District 4 seat, the Libertarian Party of Georgia has nominated Aaron Gilmer, an executive with ADP payroll services who lives in Dawsonville.


The Libertarian Party of Georgia has a rich history of nominating diverse people from all walks of life to serve as candidates who champion the ideas of liberty, personal responsibility and individual freedom. As Georgia’s only recognized political body, the Libertarian Party of Georgia consistently fields candidates for statewide office and maintains ballot access for the party’s presidential candidate.


For additional information about the Libertarian Party of Georgia, please visit or call Libertarian Party of Georgia Chairman, Doug Craig at 770-861-5055.

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