Georgia Libertarians JUST SAY NO to No-Knock Warrants – War on Liberty

war-on-drugs_0-300x300Libertarians JUST SAY NO! to No-Knock Warrants and War on Liberty
Rally in Habersham Georgia Sat. June 7th 11:00 am

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June 4, 2014 – Atlanta GA: The botched raid on a home in North Georgia that left a toddler critically injured has sparked an outcry from libertarians to end the War on Drugs and the violation of civil liberties.

Doug Craig, Libertarian Party of Georgia chairman, said the harming of an innocent child and the terrorization of his parents is just one example of how the so called “War on Drugs” has become more dangerous than drugs itself.

“The War on Drugs has become a war on the citizens of the state of Georgia”, said Doug Craig. Prohibition has made our communities less safe, it has created an environment where law enforcement think they can perpetrate these atrocities on our citizens as long as they do it in the name of the War on Drugs. We must learn from the lessons of alcohol prohibition and realize law enforcement cannot solve public health issues with military force.”


Chairman Craig said he will be speaking at the “Rally for Truth and Justice” in Clarkesville Ga. (Habersham County) this Saturday June 7th 11:00 am at the courthouse.
“The apparent incompetence of law enforcement agents in this case is most disturbing. Tossing explosive devices into private homes at 2:00 am without knowing who is inside or even if the alleged suspect was there, is inconceivable. The cavalier attitude exhibited by the sheriff (Habersham County, Georgia, Sheriff Joey Terrell) is shocking”, Craig said.
The Libertarian Party encourages citizens to attend the rally and express their concerns about the para-military tactics used by law enforcement.


Official position of the Libertarian Party on crime: Government exists to protect the rights of every individual including life, liberty and property. Criminal laws should be limited to violation of the rights of others through force or fraud, or deliberate actions that place others involuntarily at significant risk of harm. Individuals retain the right to voluntarily assume risk of harm to themselves. We support restitution to the victim to the fullest degree possible at the expense of the criminal or the negligent wrongdoer. We oppose reduction of constitutional safeguards of the rights of the criminally accused. The rights of due process, a speedy trial, legal counsel, trial by jury, and the legal presumption of innocence until proven guilty, must not be denied. We assert the common-law right of juries to judge not only the facts but also the justice of the law.

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  1. Thank you for taking the lead on this, Doug!

  2. By George says:

    I will depart from my usual attacks on moronic democrat incompetence at the national level and focus my few words here on a problem in Georgia that we can fix. It’s the rising militarization of our local police departments. It is occasioned by Habersham County S.O. unfortunate drug raid yesterday, that sent an eighteen month old baby to hospital, blown half in two by a “flash bang” device. Fulton County maybe, but Habersham County? Why??? Uncommon incidents like these requires very serious examination.

    For the record, I write from experience. I have completed forty three years of law enforcement from my beginning days with the California Highway Patrol, through my retirement from the NCIS, to six years with the Cherokee Co. S.O. as a reserve Deputy Lt., one year In Bosnia with the International Police Task Force and as a deputized tax enforcement office here in Gilmer County.

    The breadth of my police experience include the Watts Riot in LA and the Free Speech riots at Berkeley, Ca.. During the 60’s, 70’s and early 80‘s drug’s were the nemesis of the military including the Navy. I have participated in and conducted, innumerable drug raids aboard ships, in foreign countries and in cities and towns here at home and never, ever did I find it necessary to go without a warrant, use a “flash-bang” device, shoot anyone or be shot at. As I recall we didn’t have any body armor or machine guns either.

    In 1990, after my retirement from the NIS (NCIS), I became a reserve deputy in Cherokee Co. At the time I was not Ga. POST certified so I worked a desk at an S.O. sub-station. One morning a group of folks, three adult couples actually, came in seeking information and they were scared half out of their wits. I was there alone and asked how I could help them. They had just moved to Georgia from Burbank, Ca. as transferees with Lockheed Aircraft and the vibes I was receiving was one of fight or flight. I told them I knew Burbank very well as I was once a CHP officer in San Bernardino. The surprised relief that spread over their faces was priceless. They actually expected to find a fat deputy sitting at a desk, tobacco spittle drooling down his chin and shirt spoiled by tobacco juices and white gravy stains. That was their impression of Georgia law enforcement in 1990. They envisioned chain gangs, dank cells, ignorant, under paid deputies and, incompetence. Happily, Georgia law enforcement has moved far from those dark days. Then comes Habersham Sheriff’s Office using police tactics right out of the moonshine age.

    The Progressives in the Federal Government freely make available all these wonderful toys of military power to any agency that wants them. If it’s not armored vehicles, aka: tank’s, then it’s Kevlar SWAT equipment, automatic weapons, ammunition beyond their wildest dreams, toy’s, toy’s, toy’s. But worst of all is the “no Knock Warrant”, a complete violation of the 4th Amendment, an abomination to good police work and an excuse for laziness. Apparently what is not provided, especially to small rural sheriff’s offices, like Habersham, is the knowledge of how to collect target information, conduct surveillance’s, use informants properly and more important, ratchet down the level of violence before making an arrest.

    One drug detective could have easily arrested one drug dealer, publicly, without causing even a ripple of attention if proper advanced preparations had been made. An informant, (they had one) could have described the home’s interior, the position of beds, baby cribs, tables, and chairs. An ongoing surveillance could have detected the suspects movements, knowing he was not at home that early hour of the morning. “He had a gun”, is their excuse. So, everybody has a gun now. Are we to expect that we too may be blown out of our beds while armored clad clowns burst through our doors and windows? We already see reports of police officers being shot down as they crash through a door and finding it was the wrong door. Too often the innocent shooter, if not killed outright, is then charged with killing a police officer.

    It’s that level of thinking that must be stopped and not allowed to creep into and replace, proper police work. Police now have enough new, good and proper toys to use without being reduced to laziness. Police work is far too difficult for the dedicated officer to hazard his/her life with foolishness; and that little baby would not be lying in a coma while doctors try to sew his face and body together again.
    Children are not Humpty-Dumpty’s. Proper preparation would have negated this tragedy

    My friend Dr. Andrew Hunt has reviewed this issue as well.