Just One Gun

The No Guns Allowed

The No Guns Allowed sign protected only the shooter Chattanooga, TN

The Few.  The Proud.  The Disarmed. The Target.  The Marines.

It’s hard to believe that it has been more than seven years since I posted a blog called “Just One Gun”.   Nothing has changed.   Here is a brief portion:


In Dekalb, Illinois a gunman kills five in a lecture hall before he takes his own life. Last week there was a shooting at a school in Louisiana. Last year it happened on the campus of Virginia Tech, where 23 were killed.

George Bush had a press conference this morning, February 15th, 2008. After a few brief remarks on the shooting in Illinois, he moves right to his diatribe on the War on Terror and that we still face the threat and we need Congress to act.

Mr. President, I am not sure if you are counting the losses. But the body count is climbing higher by the week on our college campuses. I wish you were willing to act decisively and act now to help turn this around.

Mr. President, law abiding citizens are not allowed to carry weapons on college campuses. They are “gun-free” zones. Penalties for having a gun are higher if you are caught violating gun laws in “gun-free” zones. The only problem is that suicidal maniacs do not worry themeselves about such details. They will not be around to suffer the consequences.


Yet here we are and it is still happening.  Governments create a gun free zone and killers target the gun free zones as their objective.  The left is quick to find ways to divert attention to the fact that it was a gun-free zone (It was the fault of the Confederate Flag, for instance) at the church shooting in South Carolina, but we can see through that ruse.

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  1. “Police said they are looking into whether the recruiter brought the gun for protection in light of the events that occurred in Chattanooga. As of Friday afternoon, the recruiter who shot himself did not make any statements to investigators.

    The policy at the recruiting center is indicated on signs posted on the window of the facility. It clearly states that no guns are allowed. Not even for recruiters.”

    Just how long do they think people are going to follow the insane law of being in a “gun free zone” putting their own lives at risk?

    Of course the man felt the need to be able to protect himself. He wants to live to see another day. Forced to place the weapon in a front pocket due to the design of his uniform, he shot himself.

    For all those that are forced to work in these “gun-free zones”, civil disobedience comes to mind. Unfortunately, this man is subject to military law. A jury of my peers would never find someone guilty of a crime for trying to defend their own life, whether or not it was a “Violence Enabled Zone”. At least I hope not.