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Watch Chris Coughlin in the Last Candidate Debate before the December 1, 2015 Runoff

Chris Coughlin is upsetting the status quo in Johns Creek, Georgia. During the last candidate debate (where both his opponents chose not to show up), both Chris Coughlin and Stephanie Endres shined as they answered the tough questions on the governance at the local levels.

When you understand the principles of what you believe, and you are not just saying what you think the electorate wants to hear, you can actually connect with voters.

I watched the audience’s attention and reactions to this entire debate.  The answers provided were that which we believe: Lower Taxes, Smaller Government, More Freedom.

We encourage you to watch and see if you do not agree that Coughlin hit the ball out of the park.  And these were not soft ball questions.  There were plenty of curves and fastballs.

If you know anyone in Johns Creek, be sure to encourage them to support BOTH of these candidates.

It’s NOT About the Money-Candidate Chris Coughlin Redefines How to Campaign in Johns Creek Council Race

Getting elected to any position is not an easy task.  It’s even harder in Georgia for someone to get elected due to ballot restrictions.  That makes open races more inviting for Libertarian candidates.

hundred_stacks_hyphyGetting your message out can also be a major challenge.  Raising enough money to send out mailers, post signs around town, and buying advertising can cost a fortune.  Add a campaign manager, and the total amount of money spent can rise to $50,000 and beyond rather quickly! The cost of local elections have been rising faster and faster.  Ironically, much of the money that candidates get seem to be coming from outside the communities where the election is being held.


But there is a better way to do this. Meet Chris Coughlin:

Support Chris Coughlin in his bid to lower taxes and cut spending in Johns Creek. Coughlin-one of our own.

Support Chris Coughlin in his bid to lower taxes and cut spending in Johns Creek. Coughlin-one of our own.

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The Ballot Access Battle Has Yet To Be Won

Group Barnhouse Swafford Wilson Winger

Left to Right: Nelson Barnhouse, Amanda Swafford, Nathan Wilson and Richard Winger

The One-Party  Two-Party system is alive and well in Georgia.  However, that has not stopped the Libertarian Party of Georgia from working to change that system into a real Two Party  Three Party system.
We know and understand that more competition leads to better outcomes.  Yet, we have had to fight for every ballot we get on in Georgia for each and every election.  The only exceptions are open elections where Party affiliations are not a factor.

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Conflicts of Interest

As a Libertarian, I understand what it is like to be perceived as being against anything and everything. Those that try to characterize Libertarians in this manner often have a conflict of interest.

There are many conflicts of interest that we are surrounded with each and every day. The best way to address these issues is to be up front and acknowledge that “Yes, here is my conflict of interest, and this is how I will attempt to balance it with the issue”.

Instead, we see the denial of the conflict of interest through carefully worded statements. Statements that seem to give the sense that there is no conflict. But that does not eliminate the real conflict that exists. [Read more…]